Ref. BOPL20200110001 Productor Polaco busca distribuidores para sus pasteles naturales de arroz, trigo sarraceno, maíz, garbanzos y lentejas.

This producer and confectioner of bio-certified cereals, corn products and healthy snacks is currently one of the major companies in…...


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This producer and confectioner of bio-certified cereals, corn products and healthy snacks is currently one of the major companies in Poland dealing with production and sales of groats, barley, buckwheat, semolina, beans, flakes and rice. They focus on choosing raw ingredients of best possible quality, cooperating with international cereal tycoons as well as with small Polish family producers.

The company sells their products on the Polish and international markets and is committed to further growth and constant improvement of quality.

Currently, the client seeks partners interested in distribution of their newly introduced products made of expanded groats (puffed wheat, puffed buckwheat, puffed millet and puffed oat) and also natural rice, buckwheat, corn, chickpea and lentil cakes.

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